Pharmaceutical Company "PHARM-ADAMA" LLC

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About Us

‘’PHARM-ADAMA’’ LLC was established on 18 February , 2010.
‘’PHARM-ADAMA’’ LLC is a Pharmaceutical Company, which is the partner and  distributor of French company "Sanofi-Aventis" in the  Republic of Armenia and it closely collaborates with hospitals and pharmaceutical companies in Armenia and Middle East.


1. On March 7, 2011 “PHARM-ADAMA’’ LLC has organized a Conference on construction of a new pharmaceutical factory correspondent to GMP standards in Armenia.
The participants of the Conference were:

• Minister of Health of the Republic of Armenia –Harutun Qushkyan
• Director of Scientific Centre of Drug and Medical Technology Expertise, RoA - Hakob Topchyan
• Head of Department of Provision of Drugs and Medical technologies of the MoH, RoA-Marine Harutunyan
• Vice-Rector for Postgraduate and Continous Education of YSMU-Gevorg Yaghjyan
• Neurologist of the Center of Radiology of YSMU-Bella Grigoryan
• Chairman of the Board of company "Alliance Avis"- Levon Hakobyan
• General Director of ‘’PHARM-ADAMA’’ LLC- Sedrak Arustamyan
• Director of External Relations and Development of “PHARM-ADAMA’’ LLC-Nelson Zuloyan.
During the Conference it was mentioned, that it is planned implement the secondary packaging of the drugs by the “Sanofi” Company in the first stage by the factory, and later, it will start the production of tablets, liquids and vitamins, and finally a production of insulin. The design of the future Company is implemented by the Italian “CSV” Life and Science Company, which presents us the best providers of European materials and equipment.

During the Conference the medicines used for treatment of type I and type II diabetes, such as Lantus, Apidra, Insumans, Amaryl and Amaryl M, were also presented.
2. “PHARM-ADAMA’’ LLC together with “Sanofi” Company on August 30, 2011, has donated 450 Apidra Solostar, 450 Lantus Solostar and 30 packs of strips for glucometers, to the “Republican Center of Humanitarian Aid” SNCC of MoH, RoA, with a purpose to provide to children with Diabetes Mellitus type I.

Our products

Below we present the list of drugs imported by our Company:
Tritace- ramipril- 2.5 mg N28
Tritace- ramipril- 5 mg N28
Tritace- ramipril- 10 mg N28
Tritace comp (Plus)- ramipril /hydrochlorothiazide- 5 mg/ 25 mg N28
Aprovel- irbesartan- 150 mg N14
Aprovel- irbesartan- 300 mg N14
Coronal- bisoprolol fumarate- 5 mg N30
Coronal- bisoprolol fumarate-10 mg N30
Lozap- losartan- 100 mg N30
Lozap plus- losartan/ hydrochlorothiazide - 50 mg/12.5 mg N28

Antiarrhythmic drugs
Cordarone- amiodarone- 200 mg N30
Cordarone- amiodarone- 150 mg/3 ml inj. N6 amp.

Hypothiazid- hydrochlorothiazide- 25 mg N20
Hypothiazid- hydrochlorothiazide- 100 mg N20
Lasix- furosemide- 40 mg N50
Lasix- furosemide- 20 mg/ 2 ml N10 amp.

Blood circulation improving angioprotectors and antiplatelet agent
Plavix- clopidogrel- 75 mg N14
CoPlavix-clopidogrel/acetylsalicylic acid-75 mg/100 mg №28
Trental- pentoxifylline- 100 mg/ 5 ml inj. N5 amp.
Trental- pentoxifylline- 100 mg N60
Trental- pentoxifylline- 400 mg N20

No-Spa- drotaverine- 40 mg N24
No-Spa- drotaverine- 40 mg N100
No-Spa- drotaverine- 40 mg/ 2 ml N25 amp.
No-Spa Fote- drotaverine- 80 mg N24
No-spalgin- drotaverine, codeine, paracetamol- 500 mg N12
Nicospan- drotaverine/ nicotinic acid- 100 mg N50
Clexane- enoxaparin sodium- 2 000 UI/ 0,2 ml N2
Clexane- enoxaparin sodium- 4 000 UI/ 0,4 ml N10
Clexane- enoxaparin sodium- 6 000 UI/ 0,6 ml N2
Clexane- enoxaparin sodium- 8 000 UI/ 0,8 ml N10

Eglonyl- sulpiride- 50mg N30
Eglonyl- sulpiride- 200mg N12
Eglonyl- sulpiride- 100mg N6 amp.
Solian- amisulpride- 100mg N30
Solian- amisulpride- 200mg N30
Solian- amisulpride- 400mg N N30

Amitriptylin- amitriptyline- 25 mg N50

Anticonvulsant agents
Depakine syrup- valproate sodium- 150 ml
Depakine chrono- valproate sodium/ valproic acid - 300 mg N100
Depakine chrono - valproate sodium/ valproic acid - 500 mg N30
Depakine enteric- valproic acid- 300 mg N100

Antiparkinson agents
Jumex- selegiline- 5mg N50
Local anesthetics
Ultracain D-S forte- articaine/ epinephrine- 1,7ml N100

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents
Profenid Gel- ketoprofen- 60 g
Agents for treatment of inflammatory-dystrophic diseases of the musculoskeletal system
Plaquenil - hydroxychloroquine – 200 mg N60

Antimicrobial agents
Claforan- cefotaxime- 1 g N1
Nevigramon- nalidixic acid- 500 mg N56
Rovamycine- spiramycin- 3 million IU N10
Rulid- roxithromycin- 150 mg N10
Tavanic- levofloxacin- 250 mg N5
Tavanic- levofloxacin- 500 mg N5
Tavanic- levofloxacin- 500 mg/ 100 ml N1 inj.
Azicid- azithromycin- 250 mg N6
Azicid- azithromycin- 500 mg N3
Ofloxin- ofloxacine- 200 mg N10
Ofloxin- ofloxacine- 400 mg N10
Ercefuryl- nifuroxazide- 200 mg N28

Bactisubtil- bacillus cereus- 35 mg N20
Enterogermina- spores of polyantibiotic-resistant Bacillus clausii- 5 ml N10

Antiparasitic, antimalarial agents
Glucantim-meglumine antimoniate- 30 % 1.5 g/ 5 ml N5 amp
Paluter-artemether- 80 mg / ml N6

Antifungal agents
Mykoseptin- undecylenic acid, zinc undecylenat- 30 g N1
Mycomax- fluconazole- 50 mg N28
Mycomax- fluconazole- 100 ml N1 inj.

Maalox - aluminium hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide- 400 mg+ 400 mg N40
Maalox - aluminium hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide- 250 ml N1
Maalox oral suspension- aluminium hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide- 525 mg N30

Enzymatic agents
Festal- pancreatin (lipase 6000FIPU, amylase 4500FIPU, protease300FIPU) hemicellulose, bile components- N100

Essentiale N- essential phospholipids- 250 mg/ 5 ml N5
Essentiale forte N- essential phospholipids- 300 mg N 30

Antitussive agents, mucolytics
Bronchicum S cough pastilles- thyme liquid extract-100 mg N20
Bronchicum TP- thyme liquid extract, primula root liquid extract- elixir 100 ml N1
Bronchicum S- thyme liquid extract- syrup 100 ml N1
Bronchosan-bromhexine hydrochloride, herbal extracts- 25 ml N1
Libexin-prenoxdiazine- 100 mg N20

Telfast- fexofenadine- 120 mg N10
Telfast- fexofenadine- 180 mg N10
Zodac- cetirizine- syrup 100 ml N1
Zodac- cetirizine- 10 mg N10
Zodac- cetirizine- 10 mg N30
Zodac- cetirizine- 20 ml N1

Hormonal agents for pancreatic gland - Insulins
Apidra vial- insulin glulisine- 100U/ml, 10ml N1
Apidra cartridges- insulin glulisine- 100U/ml, 3ml N5
Apidra Solostar- insulin glulisine- 100U/ml, 3ml N5
Lantus- insulin glargine-100U/ml, 3ml N5
Lantus Solostar - insulin glargine-100U/ml, 3ml N5
Insuman Rapid cartridges- insulin human regular (recombinant)- 100IU/ml, 3 ml N5
Insuman Rapid vial- insulin human regular (recombinant) - 100IU/ml, 5 ml N1
Insuman Basal cartridges- insulin human isophane (recombinant) - 100IU/ml, 3 ml N5
Insuman Basal vial- insulin human isophane (recombinant) - 100IU/ml, 5 ml N1
Insuman Comb 25 cartridges- insulin human (recombinant) - 100IU/ml, 3 ml N5
Insuman Comb 25 vial- insulin human (recombinant) - 100IU/ml, 5 ml N1
Insuman Comb 25 Optiset- insulin human (recombinant) - 100IU/ml, 3 ml N5

Hypoglycemic agents
Amaryl- glimepiride-1 mg N30
Amaryl- glimepiride-2 mg N30
Amaryl- glimepiride-3 mg N30
Amaryl- glimepiride-4 mg N30
Amaryl M- glimepiride/ metformin -2 mg/ 500mg N30
Amary MCR - glimepiride/ metformin -2 mg/ 500mg №30

Agents for the treatment of obesity
Lindaxa- sibutramine-10 mg N30
Lindaxa- sibutramine-15 mg N30

Vitamins and minerals
Magne B6- magnesium (magnesium lactate dihydrate), pyridoxine ( pyridoxine hydrochloride)- tab. N50
Magne B6- magnesium (magnesium lactate dihydrate, magnesium pidolate), pyridoxine (pyridoxine hydrochloride)- 10 ml N10 amp.
Vitamin E - alpha-tocopherol acetate-100 mg N30
Vitamin E - alpha-tocopherol acetate-200 mg N30
Vitamin E - alpha-tocopherol acetate-400 mg N30

Eloxatin- oxaliplatin- 50mg/ 10 ml N1
Eloxatin- oxaliplatin- 100mg/ 20 ml N1
Taxotere- docetaxel- 20mg/0,5ml N1
Taxotere- docetaxel- 80mg/2ml N1

Agents for treatment of eye and ENT diseases
Sofradex- framycetin sulfate, gramicidine, dexamethasone- 5 ml
Pinosol- oleum pini silvestris, oleum menthae piperitae, oleum eucalypti, thymolum,guaiazulenum, tocoferolum aceticum- 10 ml N1

Agents for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia
Focusin- tamsulosin- 4 mg N30
Penester- finasteride- 5 mg N30